Group lunch accommodation

Komatsu is known for being a castle town of Kaga’s third domain Lord, Maeda Toshiie. And because of it’s convenient transportation, Komatsu serves as the center of access when traveling around Hokuriku region today. It is also where Hotel Binario KOMATSU Centre is located. Come and experience the rich atmosphere and fine lunch cuisine of our hotel.
Can accommodate 10 to 300 people
Parking Capacity:10 large-sized buses 230 cars
15 minutes by car from Komatsu I.C and Komatsu Airport
Komatsu Kanjinchou Juubakozen meal

Komatsu Kanjinchou Juubakozen meal

1,850yen (tax excluded)
Deep-fried stuffed Kaga Lotus roots・Suzu salt/side dish/Kaga original Jibuni soup/rice/soup/pickles/dessert
Kaga Hyakumangoku Juubakozen meal

Kaga Hyakumangoku Juubakozen meal

2,900yen (tax excluded)
Appetizer/Shrimp and seasonal vegetable Tempura/Kaga original Jibuni soup/rice/soup/dessert
[Optional dish] Sashimi 800yen (tax excluded)
Komatsu udon 150yen (tax excluded)

Western-style Kabuki Juubakozen meal

2,500yen~ (tax excluded) ※for one
Appetizer/Katsu and vegetable hamburger/Sautéed Pork loin/Pistachio Tiramisu/Coffee
[Optional dish] Rice 200yen (tax excluded)
Soup 300yen (tax excluded)
※The meal above are only some example of our menu. The menu content may vary at times.

Our original menu is also available at our affiliated restaurant inside Komatsu Airport.

Jibuni gozen meal

Jibuni gozen meal

1,600yen (tax excluded)
Sashimi/Kaga original Jibuni soup/Fried dish/Komatsu udon/rice/pickles
Western-style gozen meal

Western-style gozen meal

2,000yen (tax excluded)
Beef top blade muscle steak/salad/Fried white fish/Potage soup/rice/dessert

Ishikawa Prefecture, Komatsu city
Ukiyanagi machi yo 50
Komatsu Airport terminal building 2F
923-0993, Japan