A kind of “Relaxation” that will fit
your needs whether it be business or pleasure.

Our hotel location is accessible from Komatsu Airport, Japan Railway and highway interchange.
From business to private pleasure, Hotel Binario KOMATSU Centre can accommodate various events.
It is our great pleasure to welcome domestic as well as foreign guests.


Breakfast img

Start your day with a delicious breakfast to wake and boost you up.

Start your day on a restaurant that offers a pleasant and peaceful breakfast time, with 30 wide variety of Japanese and western dish to choose from.
Place Restaurant「Ricordo」1F
Time 6:30〜9:30
* 7:00〜9:30 on weekends and National holidays
Price 1,200 yen per person(tax excluded)
700 yen for elementary students and free of charge for under elementary kids.


Air purifier with humidifier img
Air purifier with humidifier is installed in all guest room.
fresh mineral water img
We will welcome you with fresh mineral water from Mt. Hakusan of Ishikawa.
Futon mattress img
From location to architecture, our hotel is very meticulous in all details to make sure that our guest can have a comfortable stay. One of it is our Futon mattress. Everything was originally made for our hotel. From down quilt, cover, sewing and size.
The rich nature img
The rich nature surrounding Komatsu like Hakusan mountain range, Kibagata lake and Moss Garden are our motif in small details of our interior.
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Kenjou Kagaboucha img
Kenjou Kagaboucha is the tea that was given to Showa Emperor. It was made through a lot of trial and error. Tea leaves are slightly roasted in order to reach their exclusive character and nutty flavor.
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Kutaniyaki img
Kutaniyaki pottery has been cultivated in 360 years of history. Making it one of many old traditional crafts in Ishikawa. You can experience and enjoy this work of art through the kutaniyaki ceramics that we prepared in all of our guest room.
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360ch cable broadcasting img
Feel free to use our 360ch cable broadcasting and relax with music. This is available in all of our guest room.
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the tempur mattress img
We are using the tempur mattress and pillow which is known for having the most advanced pressure-relieving function that adapts to your weight and temperature for truly personalized support. With this one of a kind material, you can have the best and the most comfortable sleep at our hotel.
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“LG Styler” img
We are the first hotels in Hokuriku region to have the “LG Styler”. With this machine, you can easily get rid of your wardrobe wrinkles and odor by just hanging them.
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Group Hotel “Hotel Granbinario KOMATSU”

Group Hotel
“Hotel Granbinario KOMATSU”

A simple and modern hotel that offers an authentic Japanese service. We will welcome our guest with the best quality of hospitality whether it be for business or for inbound tourism.